If you’re considering buying a home, remember that it is a long-term investment. Buying a home is a big decision, and everyone makes this decision for different reasons, but there are plenty of incentives to your purchase:
  • not being at the mercy of a landlord
  • being able to decorate and make your house a “home”, not a temporary living situation
  • making your housing expenses more predictable
  • the opportunity for your inequity to increase as your home appreciates in value
  • buying a home is a great tax write off

If you’re considering buying a home, first decide what type of buyer you are:

Buyer A – highest urgency buyer
  • You’ve sold a home and have to move
  • You are being transferred to a new job
  • Your lease is soon to expire
  • Must buy within 30 days

Buyer B – urgent, but time is not critical unless:
  • You must sell your home first
  • You are a new home buyer proceeding cautiously
  • You’re looking for the almost perfect home
  • Must buy within 90 days

Buyer C – less urgency
  • You are an investor looking to pay far below market value
  • You are shopping “for sale by owners” without a representative

Buyer D – no urgency
  • You are always shopping & curbing
  • You can’t qualify for a mortgage
  • You have a big wishlist

Once you determine what type of buyer you are, deciding what you want in a home, and what factors are important:
  • location, location, location
  • square footage and living space
  • room to grow
  • specific features like a garage, backyard, or en suite bathroom
  • design
  • cost
Whether you are looking for a home for sale in Bee Caves, Dripping Springs, Blanco, Wimberley, Lakeway, Like Travis, Kyle, Buda, or Johnson City, the Raesz Team is here to help you make the smooth move.

Here are the basic steps buyers working with the Raesz Team can expect:
  1. Consultation – This is where you meet our team and we can start to get get to know you. We also set expectations about working together so the process is as smooth as possible.
  2. Get prequalified – This process is between you and your lender. If you are unsure of where to start, we can recommend lenders we have worked with in the past, including Keller Mortgage, our very own lending company exclusive to Keller Williams transactions.
  3. Locating your next home – The Raesz Team will help you locate your next home based on what factors are important to you, your budget, and your desired area.
  4. Negotiation – Once we’ve found your home together, we’ll guide you in creating an offer based on market conditions and other determining factors. We’ll also guide you through any negotiations that need to take place.
  5. The inspection and option period – You’ll have your home inspected and we can renegotiate the purchase price based on the findings.
  6. The closing – Your agent will prepare all of the final documents and guide you through the closing process. We will also keep in touch with you after your move to keep you updated on real estate market conditions for when you are ready to make your next move.
If you think you’re ready to make a smooth move, contact us today.